E-Myth Exposed: There is no Tony Stark!

  You’ve seen it in Marvel Comic’s “Iron Man”–the self-made man; the smartest man–the only man–in the company; does it all, and all by himself. In his landmark work E-Myth, Michael Gerber exposed this myth about we entrepreneurs.  Most of us are folks who like what we do–are good at what we do–and we want Read more about E-Myth Exposed: There is no Tony Stark![…]

Business Architecture? Really!

Business coach, consultant, strategist–what’s the difference?  Depends on who you ask. Architecture?  Well, that is more straightforward. An architect is one who designs and often oversees construction of buildings.   An architect has the ability to see the end from the beginning; understands the assembly of the various systems; and most importantly, can listen to Read more about Business Architecture? Really![…]