Rules for Success

Technology does not afford the fanfare or import that the following merits.  It does however provide immediacy.  I hope you give it the attention it deserves.

“The secret of confronting any situation in life that threatens to overwhelm and defeat you is to stand fast.”

“Words on paper are powerless unless they are translated into deeds.”

“All laws and rules should be like clothes—made to fit the people they are meant to serve.”

Rules for Success

1. Live each day as if your life hung in the balance.  

         It is not what you do but how you do that determines the course in your life.

2. Learn that with patience you can control your future.

         The more enduring your patience the more certain your reward.

3. You must chart your course with care or you will drift forever.

         It is impossible to advance in life without goals.

4. You must prepare for darkness while traveling in the sunlight.

         There are seasons in your life just as in nature.

5. Smile in the face of adversity until is surrenders.

         Welcome both failure and fortune with open arms.  Adversity is like the rain.

6. Plans without action are only dreams.

         Act or be acted upon.

7. Sweep clean your mind of the cobwebs else be imprisoned by them.

         The ability to forget is a virtue, not a vice. Never let worry over tomorrow cast a shadow over today.

8. You must lighten your load if you are to reach your destination.

         The true worth of a man is measured by the objects he refuses to pursue or acquire.

9. Remember, it is always later than you think.

         Abide with the thought that you will not live forever and you will enjoy the sweetness of every day.

10. Strive only to be yourself.

         To be what you are and become what you are capable of becoming is the secret of a happy life.

(Paraphrased from The Greatest Success in the World, Og Mandino, 1981)

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