Business Architecture? Really!

Business coach, consultant, strategist–what’s the difference?  Depends on who you ask.

Architecture?  Well, that is more straightforward.

An architect is one who designs and often oversees construction of buildings.


An architect has the ability to see the end from the beginning; understands the assembly of the various systems; and most importantly, can listen to one’s hopes and dreams and provide a solution better than they could have come up with on their own.

An architect provides a written blue print from which all of the others involved in a project may draw direction and coordinate their efforts.

An architect understands the principles of design, materials, and physics in order to allow a building to stand.

A Business Architect does the same for your small business.

Beginning with the end in mind, a business architect will help you design your business, and coordinates its construction with the various field experts.

A business architect and builder is what many would-be business owners believe they need to become.  If you were to build your own house would you design and build it yourself or hire it done?